A Civic Duty

I really have wanted to post an article on the current state of politics in Georgia and the U.S. Every time I start I get very frustrated, conflicted, angry, proud, worried, amazed, pensive, surprised and sad. I’m sure I have expressed other emotions or feelings to others since November. Actually, that’s not true. I’ve had many of these feelings for a long time this year.

Voting has always been an honor and duty in my family. It has been lifted up as sacred and a privilege to perform, bought with blood, sacrifice and dedication to duty by so many Americans. I do not take it lightly nor do I intend to dismiss this year as an anomaly. Too great of a cost has taken place in our country to allow even the slightest hint of fraudulent and illegal voting to take place and tarnish the results of our civic duty. I have no proof that such concerns have happened. I do know that many more people across this country feel the same.

So I post this article to encourage everyone (that is registered in Georgia) that reads it to vote in the U.S. Senatorial run-off in Georgia. Please, just vote. Do your duty to have your voice heard. Once the dust settles in Georgia and the U. S., I believe it is extremely important for all of us to demand from all our elected officials (local, state and national) the opportunity to vote with the highest of confidence that OUR vote is protected in every election from fraud and illegal activity whether it arises from domestic or international sources. Demanding means calling, writing, and visiting, repeatedly until our voice is loud and clear. Much sacrifice has taken place not to fulfill our civic duty.

Please vote.

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