Cold Days Ahead for Corn

IF you are watching the weather forecast for the state, it will get much colder over the next few days.  Just how cold remains to be seen.  When it comes to our corn crop, should I be concerned?  First, I will point you to Dr. Eric Prostko’s blog post, , regarding the potential spraying… Read More Cold Days Ahead for Corn

Climate Smart Agriculture?

What is climate-smart agriculture?  Well…..there are a lot of definitions of this term and they don’t always mean the same thing, but it is about to become policy in many areas of our government.  Taking a tag line from the movie Apollo 13, “Houston, we have a problem”.  USDA published in the Federal Register a… Read More Climate Smart Agriculture?

Check Your Small Grain Fields for Aphids

In the southern part of the state, corn growers are busy either planting or preparing ground to plant. Every day is crucial to move towards hitting the ideal window for good yields in corn. Yet, so many other needs on the farm, need the same attention. If you happen to have any small grain production,… Read More Check Your Small Grain Fields for Aphids

Early Weed Control A Must in Reducing Yield Loss in Field Corn

A big mistake that I see growers make in an attempt to be effective in controlling weeds in corn is waiting too long before they take action.  Most of the time, it is with good intentions.  Too many growers wait in hopes of getting most or all of the weeds to emerge before applying a… Read More Early Weed Control A Must in Reducing Yield Loss in Field Corn