A Great Reason to Wish All a HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Last August, I posted my last article with the plan to take a little vacation and start back in September. Little did I know that my wife and I would contract COVID-19. We quarantined like everyone, had a fever for a couple of days, a little body aches, lost our sense of smell and taste (me-for one day & my wife-for three days) and that was about it or so I thought. My wife recovered in just a few days back to her normal self. In fact, during the quarantine she painted a pump house and two large sheds. She was bored.

However, five days after infection, I awoke to incredible fatigue and shortness of breath and loss of focus and difficulty in thinking. Just a little exertion took a lot of effort and a lengthy recovery. A week after quarantine I went to a physical therapy appointment for an old injury and thought all was well. That’s when I learned that I was not over it. That little exertion took two days to recover. And so it was until this week, about 2 months after infection. I believe I am finally over the hump towards a full recovery.

Admittedly, my wife and I have so many people to thank for their kindness and concern during the time. Prayers, words of encouragement, meals during quarantine and more are added to so many reasons to be so thankful for Thanksgiving. I encourage you that if you know someone struggling with any thing that is beyond their control to reach out and share in a way that brings them comfort and connects you to them to show that you care. It means sooooo much!

Lots of activity has taken place over these past two months and so I will try to catch up and provide some insight and thoughts towards the days ahead. I expect to share thoughts over what is next for us in regards to potentially having a new President and his resulting cabinet members, along all the changes taking place in the Senate and House leaderships as it all influences agriculture. Hopefully all your cover crops are up and growing and if you plant any small grains for grain harvest, you are blessed with good stands. We still have another week for south Georgia particularly since we are currently in a La Nina weather pattern for the winter which is predicted to bring warmer than average temperatures. Let’s take advantage of it if you haven’t planted but intend to do so.

May you all experience the wonderful blessing of being surrounded by family and friends during this Thanksgiving time. I am certainly grateful for everyone of you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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