Dr. Bob Kemerait, UGA Plant Pathologist Update:

(Edited for brevity.)


Just some quick updates:

1. Soybeans— we continue to find new rust in kudzu in an ever-increasing number of counties south of Macon. By R3 pod set, I recommend soybeans growing in SW and SE Districts be treated with a fungicide.  Although not all have been confirmed, I am getting an increasing number of reports of soybeans in areas of fields “crashing”. Forget about “Sudden Death Syndrome”. Given our current hot and dry, I suspect Charcoal Rot caused by Macrophomina phaseolina. There is no treatment but it is easy to diagnose.

2. Corn- southern corn rust is now nearly everywhere across SW and SE Districts. Corn in “hard dough” or later is “safe”. Less mature corn is not. I had a corn grower call me last night to thank me. He sprayed twice because “UGA” told him to spray. He made 240 and his combine went from John Deere green to Southern Rust orange. He told me “UGA” recommendations saved his crop.

3. Peanuts- anybody out there who is not aggressively protecting their peanut crop from white mold and also leaf spot is making a tremendous mistake. Our hot, humid weather conditions will bring the white mold on. Dry (conditions) will have it underground chewing on pods and pegs. “Catch-up” is a dangerous game.

4. Starting to see target spot in cotton. Saw it Monday with agents in Toombs County. Growers be aware that now is the time to act, if action is needed. You won’t know that unless you get out there and look.

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