Update from Dr. Bob Kemerait, UGA Plant Pathologist

The following is a portion of today’s update from Dr. Bob Kemerait.  (By the way, southern corn rust is spreading across Georgia and moving northward.)


Weather conditions (very warm and with some rain) are quite favorable for all fungal and bacterial diseases of our corn, cotton, soybean, and peanut crops. I am seeing more bacterial stalk rot of corn this year than in recent seasons and I have seen (thanks to some of you) more bacterial blight of cotton. Granted, not that much of either, but enough to pique my curiosity.

Basically, our weather has had a tremendous role this season in our issues with peanut seed, peanut early season diseases, early onset of soybean rust and southern corn rust, and now stalk rot of corn and bacterial blight of cotton.

Now I believe white mold of peanut, along with corn and soybean rusts, are the most URGENT diseases we face. The fuse for all three is lit; I just can’t tell you how long the fuse is before it blows. Be prepared. ”

I encourage you all to continue to scout all crops and take any action that gives you the best return on your investments!

Corn growers, I ask that you review the June 16th blog entry regarding southern rust and corn growth stage in determining the number of days to black layer from silking and the the potential days of protection from a fungicide application.

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