Hospitals Can Use Your Help with COVID-19

Friends I received this note early today (April 19th) from one of my friends, a south-Georgia corn grower.

“Farmers with N95 respirators and masks please consider reaching out to your local hospital and asking if they have the supplies, they need in the care of Covid19 (Coronavirus) patients.  My wife’s sister works as a nurse at Phoebe Putney hospital in Albany, GA and they are in dire need of respirators and/or masks.  The staff is having to wear N95 single use masks for 12 hour shifts where all the ICU patients are all COVID.  Also, they are having to reuse COVID gowns and hanging them in the hallway. They feel they are at risk of spreading COVID due to gown contamination alone. The nurses feel they need 200-300 respirators. Supposedly, the respirators with the filters on the side are highly coveted by the staff.  They now have nurses on the ventilator trying to survive because now they’ve contracted COVID.  I had two respirators and we gave them to her and she shared the second with another nurse.  The nurses that have these claim they work so much better.  If any of you have any respirators to spare and want to donate them please send a message and I will get you an address for shipping.   Thanks everyone in advance for sharing this post.”

State officials know the dire need of many Georgia hospitals and are working on getting more supplies. However, some hospitals are in great need now and are uncertain when new supplies will arrive.  Please check with your local hospital to see if they need supplies first.  If none are needed, please contact us and we will get an appropriate address to you for shipping.

Thanks….please keep our first responders, nurses and doctors in your prayers.

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