Early Weed Control Option

I always appreciate when our UGA Extension specialist make available tidbits of great timely information.  Here is a portion (with permission) that Dr. Eric Prostko, UGA Weed scientist posted:

Dr. Eric Prostko- April 2, 2020

I have heard that a few field corn growers have been reluctant to apply Prowl POST in field corn due to potential injury concerns, especially root pruning.  POST applications of Prowl can cause root injury but this usually only occurs when the corn seed has been planted < 1.5″ deep and seed-furrow closure is not adequate.  With 21 years of data under my belt in Georgia, I am not overly worried about POST applications of Prowl causing unacceptable field corn injury (assuming correct application rate, timing, seed depth, etc.). Figure 1 presents some recent research data from UGA which indicated that the addition of Prowl to Roundup + Atrazine did not reduce corn yields (note the very high yields).


In fact, the combination of Roundup + Atrazine + Prowl has been the standard POST program that I have compared all other newer herbicide programs to for many years (Figure 2).

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