Rain, Rain, and MORE Rain

This is getting too familiar.  I’ve talked to soooo many growers the last two weeks and not a one wants to sound ungrateful for rain.  Yet all express frustration over not being able to get enough field work completed.  Most everyone is humbled by the blessing of an abundant supply of water and adjusts their get-it-done attitude to focus on being ready to go when dry weather allows it.  So, I begin this blog entry with the question, Will you be ready when that day comes?  Is everything lined up?  The cover crop has been killed or will be turned under as a green manure crop.  All the ground prep equipment is ready to go and the image4seed is ready to plant.  All pesticides are available and ready.  Base fertilizer has been applied or is ready to be applied and incorporated. Starter fertilizer is in the tank and ready to take to the field with you. Planters have been checked out and worn parts replaced.  Everything is on-hand to move quickly and efficiently.

Obviously, there is a lot to think about.  Unfortunately, the more it rains….the more we have time to think and become frustrated and the further behind we become. So I will ask you to do one thing.  Be prepared to move forward with ground prep and planting when the time comes.  Soil temperatures (2 inch) are plenty warm (upper 50’s to the mid 60’s) in south-Georgia and the forecast for mid-week shows rain is possible.   Being prepared to plant without being in a great hurry is the first box that needs to be checked off.  Take your time and get it done right. Planting mistakes can hurt you all year long.

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